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Got a site clearing or property development coming up? Need a machine, an operator, or both? JB Excavation & Hire has got you covered. We meet Geelong and Ballarat’s equipment hire needs with a range of access equipment and digging equipment hire options, excavation services, and more available to projects of any size.

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Providing excavation services across Geelong and Ballarat

Site Preperation

We provide earthmoving services to prepare your site for excavation work with our range of excavation and landscaping machinery for hire, and our team of professional operators. Our site preparation services are suitable for commercial and residential projects alike.

Land Clearing

We provide a range of excavator and loader hire solutions necessary for comprehensive land clearing services. Whether you are preparing a site for excavation or construction, our team of excavation and earthmoving machine hire operators will ensure that your site is completely clear of obstacles such as rocks, old structures, and shrubbery before the excavation or construction project commences.

Land Levelling

With our powerful machinery for hire, JB Excavation & Hire provides comprehensive land levelling services on commercial and residential projects of any size. Even if your project is located in a tight access location, we can provide the right machinery and machinery attachments for an accurate, reliable, and prompt land clearing service.

Slab Preparation

Whether you are looking to build a new carpark or shed on your property, JB Excavation & Hire provides the slab preparation services - including earthworks, landscaping, and trenching - using the excavators, landscaping attachments, and mini loaders for hire you need. Our operators are highly experienced and provide reliable and safe excavation and landscaping services.

Tree Removal

We supply tree removal services for commercial and residential excavation and construction projects across Ballarat and Geelong. Tree removal requires specialised machinery, and JB Excavation & Hire has the plant and equipment, specialised attachments, and professionally trained operators needed to safely and efficiently remove trees and roots from the construction or excavation site.

Site Preparation

Whenever you have finished an excavation or construction project, there will often be waste left behind, such as bits of wood, piles of earth and soil, rocks, and more. JB Excavation & Hire can help you get rid of all this wastage with our site cleaning services. We use our range of tight access loaders and our eagle-eyed operators to comb your project site and remove all waste materials from the area and transport the waste material away from the site.

Property development services


Our digging equipment hire solutions are ideal for all types of landscaping requirements including retaining walls, ponds, decking, and more.


hire - including sheds, fences, and decks. From tearing down to disposing material in the safest way possible, you can trust our team to provide comprehensive demolition services.

Retaining Wall Construction

A well-built retaining wall provides cheap and reliable security from erosion, and extra usable area for your garden. We are able to supply a range of retaining wall construction material options for your project that match the form, function, and style that your project needs.

Driveway Resurfacing

We regularly perform driveway resurfacing works including preparing existing concrete driveways for resurfacing and grinding down its edges where it meets the footpath.


When regular lawn mowing is not sufficient to tackle your overgrown lawn, garden, or other field, contact JB Excavation & Hire for our slashing services. Alongside making your garden or field look amazing, our slashing services are perfect for dealing with weeds, long thick grass, and for keeping snakes, rodents, and other pests away from your garden.

Embankment Mowing

Keeping your steep slopes looking fresh can be a difficult challenge, so JB Excavation & Hire provide the machinery and team of operators needed to keep your embankment mowed safely and quickly.

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Minor Works

Plumbing & Electrical Services

Our team can dig precision trenches for the installation of pipes and electrical cables. We’re supported by a range of attachments and digging equipment for hire, that enable us to dig accurately and specifically for plumbing and electrical services.

Fencing & Footings

If you’re looking to dig holes to install a new fence or footings, we can use our digging equipment for hire to assist your project.

Posthole Digging

We can dig precise holes to your exact specifications with our wide range of auger attachment sizes including 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 450mm and 600mm.


We provide trenching services for a residential and commercial excavation and earthmoving services across Victoria. Whether you need trenching services for underground utility installation, flood prevention, sewage runoff or landscaping, JB Excavation Hire provides the machines, relevant attachments and the machine operators that you need for your project.

General works

Equipment Dry Hire

Our team supplies a range of access and digging equipment hire solutions without an operator - including excavators, Kanga mini loaders, and scissor lifts. Our plant and equipment range is available for excavation and earthmoving projects across Ballarat & Geelong. Our machines are available for both pick up or delivery and we supply both short-term hire on a day rate and long-term rates. Give us a call to learn more about our long-term hire rates, or find out more about our short-term hire rates and range of equipment for hire here.

Tight Access

We provide a range of machinery specialised for tight access excavation and landscaping projects across Ballarat and Geelong. With our mini excavators and mini loaders available for hire, along with specialised operators, we can provide safe and reliable tight access services no matter your project. We provide our services for both commercial and residential projects.

Access and digging equipment hire options

Team drilling

Our plant and equipment is available for wet hire or dry hire across Ballarat and Geelong. Our wet hire services come with experienced machine operators, while our dry hire options ensure clients with their own certified staff don’t have to break the bank.

While we love our short-term Ballarat equipment hire customers to bits, we specialise in long-term access and digging equipment hire projects, and are happy to create a custom solution for these clients wherever they are in Victoria.

Flexible delivery options across Ballarat and Geelong

Looking for machine dry hire options? We provide machine delivery or pickup from our site, whichever suits your project and your wallet. That’s how JB Excavation & Hire meets Ballarat’s equipment hire needs.

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If you’re searching for a team you can trust to provide reliable excavation services, access equipment, and digging equipment hire, then look no further than JB Excavation & Hire. We make hiring an excavator simple and our prices are reasonable too. Get in touch with us now and let us help you start your next project.

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